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Everyone likes a simple life so we have kept our site as simple as possible but for those of you who want a little more information about our stick on numbers here it is...

  • All of our wheelie bin numbers are made from a hard wearing, premium quality, weatherproof and colour fast vinyl.
  • All of our wheelie bin numbers are made using 'Arial Rounded Bold' font
  • Our wheelie bin numbers are available in Black, White, Yellow, Red, Green or Blue
  • All of our wheelie bin numbers are 150mm high (approximatley 6 inches)
  • Our wheelie bin numbers cost just £2.99 per bin and are delivered free to your door within 3-5 working days. One 'set' of wheelie bin numbers can include upto 3 Numbers or letters - eg. If you live at number 23a then this counts as one set.
  • IF YOU LIVE AT A SINGLE DIGIT HOUSE NUMBER for example number '6' then why not be cheeky and put your house number as '666' and just pay £2.99?.....go on and be a devil ...We wont tell anybody!
  • Application is simple and instructions are included with all orders
  • Bin swapping and theft is a growing problem in the UK with hundreds being reported missing every day. Simply adding your house number to your bins will make them less desirable to others.
  • You are responsible for your bins and it's you that will have to pay if they go missing!
  • CLICK the bin below to buy your wheelie bin numbers now

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